Wednesday, February 1, 2012

road trip part two: Winter Haven, Florida!

We arrived in Florida Saturday night. We spent the next week doing lots of amazing & unexpected things. Some of our best times, however, were simply hanging out with family!

Zeke with Grandma Tressa & Grandpa Duncan!
The kids playing around at Dad's house

after playing in the lake and the outdoor shower
Seth spent every moment at my dad's house in the backyard looking for creatures. He found some.

The kids also very much enjoyed my dad's swords and daggers.

awesome picture of nancy
Sunset from my dad's backyard

Dad took the kids on a ride in his convertible jeep!

We visited an orange grove down the street
And discovered the world's most delicious orange juice
Zeke didn't get to taste the orange juice but he loved the jug!

Our hotel had a man-made beach on a lake.

Brendan relaxing on the beach
Jacob found a really cool shell
And of course, Seth was off most of the time looking for animals. And of course, he found some

Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of the kids with Gram or Henry, but we had fun swimming and hanging out at their house. It was so great to see Gram and introduce her to the kids. She said she really liked our family!! So much, in fact, that she decided to give us an incredible and unexpected gift....See the next blog to find out what it was!

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