Friday, July 31, 2009

Stinking cute kids

Brendan, Seth, and Jacob, playing with Steph and Steve's girls, Chloe, Suzie, and Audrey.
Such beautiful ladies!
I think we've found Audrey's career...she knows how to please the camera!
my boys, on the other hand...

family photos

We had about five minutes to attempt a decent family photo. it started out a little rough...

this one is a little better
At least the boys looks good in this one
And I think this may be the best we could doAnd here's me and Jacob, with his missing tooth and crazy smile

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

East was a wicked good time.

Jared, Nancy and I flew to New Hampshire for my "5 Skipper Way" reunion. For those of you who were not around in my college days, 5 skipper way was a beach house in Gloucester, MA (pronounced Glau-ster, or Glau-sta if you're a native). I lived there with my longtime roommate, Gwyneth, and three other Gordon Girls, Carla, Charissa, and Melissa. It had been years since we'd all been together, and most of us have husbands and kids now so it was time for a get-together. We spent much of the weekend reminiscing about our times together on Skipper Way (including viewing embarrassing videos and reading the 5 Skipper Way quote list), and also doing some wonderfully New England things, like blueberry picking and picnicking by the water.

me and Gwyneth (my awesome roommate from 1998-2003)Here's the 5 Skipper Way bunch (roommates from 2002-2003) Melissa, Carla, me, Charissa, and Gwyneth
Here we are with our babies. Carla with 5 week old Connor. Melissa with 11 month old Tennyson. Me with 16 month old Nancy. Charissa with 3 year old Adelaide. and Gwyneth holding Charissa's 4 month old Joseph.
And here we are with our husbands and babies (Melissa's husband Jacob couldnt come)


Charissa's Joseph
Charissa's Adelaide
Carla's Connor
Melissa's Tennyson
Babies on the floor! Everyone cooperated except Nancy
Babies on a couch! Tennyson, Nancy, Connor, Joseph, & Adelaide

T and N chillin togetherN slapping T in the face
Gwyn hanging with the babies in Carla's kitchen
Nancy eating enjoying her corn on the cob
Tennyson enjoying her corn on the cob


Beautiful picnic by the water
Nancy and Jared's first time in the Atlantic (technically, a bay that leads into the Atlantic, but that's as close as we got)
Nancy gives Melissa some wet sand

Gwyn and Charissa picking blueberriesAdelaide picking berries
Carla with her berries
Jared with TennysonNancy with a mouthful of blueberries
Nancy wiped out
Back at Carla's house: Adelaide with all our fresh picked blueberries


sleeping Josh, with connor
sleeping Joe
sleeping Jared

Nancy and Tennyson are now best friends. During our stay, Nancy started "empathy crawling" around Tennyson. She would try to get on T's level, crawl around a bit, then she would stand up and wait for T to stand up and walk with her. When T stayed on all fours, Nancy would get back down and crawl some more with her. so cute.