Friday, April 24, 2009

Fancy Nancy birthday party!

We started out the party by decorating crowns and tiaras.Antisocial Zay made his crown outside with mommy
Nancy didn't make a crown. She hugged Abby instead
Then we all dressed up. The rule was that you had to be fancy to get ice cream.
Fancy Jacob
Fancy Brendan
Fancy Seth and Fancy Kia
Fancy GrandmaFancy AbbyFancy Wendy and Fancy AndiFancy and silly BrandyFancy CharlaFancy Ariana Fancy ShelbyFancy Nancy with un-fancy daddy`
Fancy Nancy sat on the table to eat her ice cream

Fancy Seth makes his ice cream sundae
Fancy Brendan eats his ice cream sundae
un-fancy Zay plays by himself, sad that he can't eat real ice cream
Fancy Patrick
Fancy Ari eats cool whip the way it should be done
Fancy Ty gets his ice creamFancy Sarah gets her ice creamAlex was fancy when he got his ice cream, but decided to unaccessorize while he ateFancy Makenzie eats her ice creamAll the un-fancy people who didn't get ice cream
Time for bubbles
Fancy Fiona blows bubblesFancy Jared blows some pretty impressive bubbles

After ice cream, bubbles, and tons of fanciness, we opened some presents

A new Fancy Nancy book!
Sarah reads one of Nancy's new booksJacob and Isaiah are very interested in Nancy's new weeble wobble penguin
We finally got Brandy's homemade blanket! It's beautiful.Nancy loves her new baby doll
And her new bear that laughsShe shows her new dolly to daddyHappy birthday girl!


Here I am baptizing April!
Restored, from the view of the tech team
Here is a fuzzy photo of Steve, me, and Dustin, leading worship

Thursday, April 23, 2009