Monday, April 28, 2008

one month!

Our first month with Nancy has been wonderful. Although I have had a few sleepless nights, I still am blessed with one of the best behaved babies ever (and also the most beautiful). Now she looks almost exactly like Jared, but with my eyes.

See how she's grown:

Here's daddy having a talk with Nancy

This is the first time she showed any interest in her little einstein caterpillar

baby and mama getting ready for church

The boys just adore little Nancy. Jacob is especially helpful. He always wants to get her diapers and clothes for me, and he's even learning to put diapers on her by himself. Here is Jacob and Nancy taking a nap together.

This is just an especially cute photo.

We had her one-month doctor appointment, and doc says she is super healthy. She is eating and sleeping well, gaining weight, and not having any real problems. She has a pretty chill personality so far (hopefully she will stay that way all through her teens). She loves to sit around in her vibrating bouncy chair and listen to mommy read Lord of the Rings out loud. We've also discovered recently that she likes taking walks in the front carrier better than in the stroller. There is probably a lot more I could say, but, as I have a new born (and three other kids), this is all the time I can spare on the computer: I'm needed elsewhere.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

family reunion

Regardless of the fact that I missed all my naps and got Mastitis, I had the BEST week because my sisters were in town!!!
My sister Wendy, brother-in-law Kenny, and nephew Isaiah flew in from CT and my other sister Kim and pseudo brother Timmy drove in from MN and spent the week with us in Wichita. It was great! I love my family! Hearing my sisters laugh (which can be done from across the house) is one of my greatest joys! My mom was also in heaven with all three daughters and both grandkids around. That wont happen again until Christmas. Here is a brief account of my wonderful week:

First of all, Nancy grew! And check out her fabulous T-shirt from Cindy. It has cassette tapes on it.
Little Nancy got to meet her Aunt Kimmy and Aunt Wendy

Nancy also met her 7 month old cousin Isaiah. They got along great.

We took lots of walks. Check out me and Wendy being mamas.

We obviously played Hand and Foot with the cousins. Its not a real holiday without it.

Nancy played her first game of Hand and Foot

Nancy also went bowling for the first time. I had to keep interrupting her feeding so I could bowl the second game. Kim beat everyone (obviously). Wendy and I barely broke 100. It was pretty sad. We need some practice. We also played around in the arcade and watched Timmy attempt Dance Dance Revolution.

Now that is a good week.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Life with a newborn

The first 9 days of Nancy's life have been wonderful. Jared had the entire first week off work, and the boys were with their parents, so Jared and I spent the whole time lounging around, getting to know Nancy, and reveling in the fact that our little daughter is finally out of my belly and in our arms. We are tired, but unbelievably happy. She is already growing, and she keeps getting more and more beautiful everyday.

So far Nancy has been sleeping around 4-6 hours a night, which is an absolute miracle. She is also a great eater. I don't think we could have asked for a more perfect baby. I guess we deserve a perfect baby after almost two years of taming our three wild little boys.

Brendan, Seth, and Jacob came back home over the weekend and it went really well. They are fascinated by Nancy and want to touch and hold her all the time. And of course, it is impossible to get them to pose for a decent picture. Except Brendan, who thinks he's a model.

Our fabulous church came to our rescue this week: a bunch of Restored peeps gave us dinner every night so that we wouldn't have to cook. That was probably the best gift we've received.

Nancy went to church for the first time, in her very own Restored onesie.

Here is proud Grandma Nancy!