Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nancy & Daddy

Brendan's birthday party at the boundy place!

the older kids beat each other up in the "boxing ring" pretty much the entire time.

Jared loves to throw Jacob

I had fun, too.

Hanging out at the Johnson's (outside!)

Nancy Lu

Seth R.
Kade, losing his pants
Seth R.

my beautiful kids.

Hanging out at the Johnson's

New Restored shirts!
Jessica, Phan, Mike, Robyn, & baby Dylan
Nancy Lu, Andi, Dylan, Jessica, Phan, Mike, Robyn
Jared, Baby Ben, Baby Dylan, Phan, Mike, Baby Kade, Robyn, Gus
Seth R. loving on the kitty
Jared entertaining the kids
Nancy Lu
keeping the babies busy with cereal
Nancy, Kade, Ben, & crazy Dylan
Seth H. doing his favorite activity.
Seth & Brendan cozy with their mama.
beautiful jacob.
Seth H.
silly, yet still gorgeous, Brendan
Nancy working on legos
crazy nancy
Brendan, lego master

watching their favorite show!