Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rachel and Ryan's wedding

Nancy waiting patiently for the wedding to startIsaiah waiting patiently for the wedding to startZay, Kenny, Kimmy, and Timmy waiting patiently for the wedding to start Beautiful (and funny) weddingRachel and Ryan are married! Yay!Grandpa and Zay go for a ride before the receptionLeah and John, the finance we FINALLY metNancy chews on a graham crackerNow Nancy chews on a pretzel stick with silly Timmy in the backgroundOur table was strategically placed right next to the chocolate fountain. mmm.

Me and the beautiful bride!Some cool family photos at the reception

Fortunately, I don't have any photos of me bustin a move on the dance floor all night with my cousins, sisters, and neices. It was such a great time. We busted it out to some good classics like "Hangin' Tough," "Dancing Queen," The Greece Medly, "My Sherona" and we ended the night with "Come on Eileen." Good times. My sista Brandy even taught her teenage daughters how to dance to "I like big butts." That is some quality bonding. Overall- excellent wedding. Excellent Reception.

The pumpkin patch

Seth's kindergarten class went to the pumpkin patch, so Wendy, Kenny, Isaiah, Kimmy, Timmy, and I all went along.
Seth and I wait to go in.
Seth is adorable
Nancy and Kim waiting. Nancy's expression is hilarious.
Wendy, Zay, Kenny, and Kimmy in a corn maze. No pics of Timmy cuz he was behind the camera the whole time.Zay on some hay. that rhymes.Nancy and Zay pick out pumpkinsNancy found hersYay for the pumkpin patch!

7 month stats!

Nancy is 7 months, she has two teeth, and last week she stood all by herself for about 5 seconds. Now that she is seven months, she is ready to drive Grandma's chair.
In other news, my sisters were in town!
Which means that Isaiah was in town! He is now 13 months and running around like crazy. The cousins sit down for a photo together:

Attack of the killer 3-ring binder

On the 18th of this month, Jared, Nancy, and I were driving to Praise Team Practice (by the way, for those of you who don't know- I joined the praise team at Restored, and now I actually sing in front of people). My music binder was sitting on the dash, and as we made a right turn, the binder slid over toward Jared, and freakishly wedged itself in between the door and the steering wheel, so Jared couldn't straighten out the car. We just continued turning right, onto the sidewalk and into a cement wall. It was my side that was hit, and I am the only one who was injured. I have whiplash, but am being taken care of by my chiropractor. Jared and Nancy were both completely fine- thank God. After the accident, Jared asked the cop if we were going to be cited, and he said, "For what? Bad luck?" So we didn't get a ticket. We get our car back on the 4th, and we are renting until then. Luckily it wasn't totaled. The damages were $6500, of which we only have to pay $500. It totally sucked, but it could of been a lot worse, and now we can have a good laugh about it. Remember not to put anything on your dash!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random Nancy pics

Nancy back in her bouncer. You can't tell but she was bouncing like crazy.check out her adorable outfit from Isaiah
Trying to walk with her walker

This actually used to belong to Isaiah.
Outside time! Nancy's favorite.

Nancy rocking Isaiah's overalls.