Wednesday, May 27, 2009

best memorial day ever

i dont actually remember any other memorial day in my life, other than when we used to walk on stilts in the parade in Bloomfield, waaaay back in the day. But I can't imagine I have ever had a better one than this.

It started out with the best husband ever being super nice. He cooked the kids breakfast and kept them occupied and wouldn't let them near my room. I slept in and even had an undisturbed quiet time with God (a miracle in itself).

Later, we met Harry at Riverside park for a picnic and playing. And then the Yarnell's and Dustin and Ashton showed up. We had a fabulous time in the fountain (see yesterday's blog for photos.)

And the day ended with a BBQ and Aunt Marcia and Uncle Don's house. Here is a look at that fun evening.

Jacob helps uncle don flip burgers
Our long lost cousin Leah and her new husband John enjoy the yummy food
Nancy also enjoys the yummy food.

Uncle Don shows Nancy the neighbor dogs

Nancy orders people around with her big stick
When she doesnt get her way she comes and beats mommy and daddy with it.

There was a lot of frisbee going on at this BBQ, and let me tell you- most of us totally stink at it. But not John.

Brendan attempts to catch a frisbee
Ty and Nate playing ladder golf- a great game I just learned how to play. Abby and I beat Jared and Ari 21 to 20.

Then the boys found a super soaker

Then Jared gets a hold of the super soaker...Brendan totally had it coming.
The horse tank! I used to swim in this thing when I was their age.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playing in the fountain at Riverside Park

my beautiful nieces with my beautiful daughter

Ariana and Mak being adorable sisters.Ashton in a fabulous shirt
Ty and Dustin find themselves in an embarrassing moment.
Jacob sits on a fountain
Jacob's bum is showing, like usual.
messy face

Seth lounging on daddy
nancy and uncle ty (photo modified by brandy)
nancy looking very Top Gun
so pretty
Nancy is a popular baby

Jacob is having so much fun!Seth getting soaked.
Mak getting soaked
nancy and i get soaked
Jared and I surprised Abby
She wasn't very happy about it.Jacob gets soaked
Brendan gets soaked
Ariana is soaked but happy