Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My first blog!

Since I can't keep up with emailing everyone, I decided I should start a blog. I don't know anything about it, but it can't be that hard. So, here I go.

Life is crazy, as ours always is. I am 37 weeks pregnant so the baby might come at any time. Or she might not come for another month. Who knows?

We are finally getting the nursery ready. We have been waiting a long time to get that started, because we had to get the boys out of that bedroom and moved downstairs. We finally got the daylight window put in downstairs so now Brendan & Seth sleep down there. Jacob is going to sleep upstairs with the baby. I am kept busy hanging up baby clothes and putting together furniture and all the other millions of things I am trying to do before baby Nancy comes.

In other non-baby-related news, church is going great. Anyone who doesn't know about my new church should check out therestored.org. Rob Danz, the guy who married Jared and I, is the pastor and he is fabulous. Our whole deal is sort of reaching out to people who are hurting, suffering from addictions, who have been burned by churches in the past....basically people who feel like there is no church that would ever have them. We are a motley crew and it is beautiful. The whole church is full of recovering addicts, recovering abusers, people recovering or still struggling with the kinds of problems normal people have but that don't usually get mentioned in church. We mention everything- its great. The whole thing started with a bunch of us in Rob's basement just spilling our guts to each other and praying a lot- what church should be. And it's basically still that, although now we meet on Sunday mornings in a school gym, so that we can be available to anyone who wants to come. We have new people coming every week and God is really speaking through Rob to touch so many hurting people in Wichita. It is amazing being part of such a wonderful church family. I never knew church could be this way. When someone is in need, the people at Restored don't even hesitate to do whatever needs to be done, whether its helping someone move, getting someone a place to stay when their kid is having surgery in Kansas City, giving anything that is needed, regardless of our totally meager funds. It's beautiful. I wish everyone could come to my church. If you are in/near Wichita, you definitely should stop by. Sundays at 10am at Lawrence Elementary School. By the way, Jared and I are the entire tech team at Restored. He does all the sound and I do the slides for the songs. Its harder than it looks! Especially when Steve (our Praise team leader) lets the Holy Spirit take the song in a totally different direction than we had planned, and I have to try to follow him. But, thats part of the fun.

The kids are doing well Brendan is now 7, Seth turned 5 in January, and Jacob is 3 1/2. Jacob just got into Head Start, so he and Seth go to the same school. Jacob is only going half days, 4 days a week. They are looking forward to the baby coming, although I don't think they really know what we are getting into. I'm sure I don't know what I am getting into. But I still can't wait. Jared and I are super excited for baby Nancy to be in our arms!