Thursday, February 2, 2012

road trip part three: DISNEY WORLD!!!!

My amazing and wonderful Grandmother, Georgia, gave us a magical day at Disney World! We got to the park before it opened at 9, to see the opening ceremony. Then we started our day with breakfast at the Crystal Palace, where we met many of the characters from Winnie the Pooh.

Zeke didn't enjoy it as much as the other kids

The little ones hanging in the stroller

Pooh's house!

And Nancy Lu got to meet Tinker Bell!

The kids in the Swiss Family Tree House

morning nap!

the Jungle Cruise!

Prince Charming's Carousel

Jacob trying to pull out the sword in the stone. It didn't work.
One of our favorite rides was Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin! We were actually in a video game where we got to use a joystick to spin our cars around, shoot at Zurg targets and get points! Seth beat all of us!

Mad Tea Party!

Brendan driving me around a race track!

Our all-time favorite ride was certainly Space Mountain. I let Jared take the kids on that one since he had never been on it before, and Nancy, Zeke, and I waited for them outside. The kids ran out of there, jumping up and down, screaming about how amazing it was! So they went on again and I got to go with them that time. It was just as fun and exciting as I remember from when I was a kid!
Well, we made our way around the entire Magic Kingdom, riding almost every ride we planned on, eating great food, and having pretty much the best day ever. The weather was perfect, the lines were short, the rides were so fun, and the kids didn't even have any meltdowns! We could not have asked for a better time. After 11 hours of amazing fun, we ended the night with beautiful fireworks at Cinderella's castle.
And the kids were asleep almost instantly.
This was definitely one of the best days our family has ever had.

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