Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well, the Johnson/Hamm household is always full of surprises! Last month Angel came to Jared and I and asked us to adopt Brendan, Seth, & Jacob. Of course, the boys have already been a part of our family for five years, but we are super excited to take this step of making it completely final. The boys have taken very well to the news. It is bittersweet for them, and their parents, finally coming to the understanding that they will never live together, but I believe that knowing they are going to be here in their home permanently, without the confusion and uncertainty of their future, they are able to feel secure and safe, which is something all children need. Their teachers and therapists have noticed them acting happier in general, and Brendan, in particular, has been very open and excited about it with his friends at school and church. Jared and I have considered the boys our children since the first day we started taking care of them, but we are overjoyed to make it legal and official. We hope that this will help the boys as they continue to heal from their past. Looking at our family is a perfect example of how God is a God of restoration. Angel wrote a note on Facebook that put it way better than I can, so please read it.