Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day!!

Seth's snow angelNancy watches the guys shoveling snow across the street

our lame attempt to build a snowman. The snow is too powdery. bah.
frozen baby
The snow fun lasted about ten minutes....then back inside with legos.

Look at how nicely they are all playing together!! (this lasted until about 2, when we had a couple of meltdowns from the two older kids.)

Nancy's favorite activity: carrying the cat.My parenting magazine moment: dish soap bottle filled with water & food coloring + snow =instant giant white canvas for colorful art project.
We were too cold to actually go outsideSeth helps Nancy join in the fun

Our finished product!

restored kids!

Sethpsycho Jacob

Ari & nancy

Nancy loooooves her Aunt Brandy!

Seth & Mak are amazing.

How many kids can you fit in a box?

Restoring Restored (and having fun while doing it!)

Jared & Kelly put down carpet
Abby helps. Nancy watches.
Amber & Angela build a shelf!
Jenn has a lot of fun vacuuming.
Jason and his tiny crew build a lamp.
Nancy helps by holding the job for a babyNancy has a blast running through the curtain, where she is not supposed to be!
Brendan tries to lay down carpetAbby & Nancy

Sarah enthusiastically irons the curtains!
Lauren hangs the curtains.
Kristi & Brandy have way too much fun cleaning this couch.

the work is almost done!