Friday, February 3, 2012

road trip part five: leaving Florida

Friday, January 27th, we said goodbye to our Florida family and started our trip home. We were really sad to leave, but we were also really starting to miss our family back home. We figured we would be able to get as far as Birmingham, AL, but we decided to take a more scenic route through some wetlands, and we didn't realize how beautiful it would be! We kept driving by places saying, "Hey, let's stop here!" the end of the day we hadn't even made it out of Florida!

Here are some of the beautiful places we were blessed to see that day!

So, we didn't make it out of Florida, as we had planned, but we were blessed to see this beautiful sunset on the ocean.
We got a hotel in Carabelle, Florida that night, and managed to wake up early enough Saturday morning to catch the sunrise. We were watching it from the road, but we drove by a little beach and stopped to watch it from the shore.

We found these Dwarf Cyprus Trees that only grow about 15 feet in this area, but if you take their seeds and plant them elsewhere, they will grow about 100 feet tall. It's a mystery.

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