Sunday, January 17, 2010

We may not have grown in numbers, but we have grown in faith.

This year we, who are Restored Community Church, began trying to move into a building of our own. Since the moment we started doing this, we have been faced with obstacle after obstacle. When we finally found this space at 21st and Amidon, it seemed like God had thrown it into our laps and we praised Him for such a perfect space that seemed to be working our so well.....that was over 3 months ago and we are still not technically in that building. We have had to tear down walls, build walls, break our backs smashing up tile, we've worked harder than imaginable to get this place up to code, and all along the way we have had the city telling us a million reasons why its never going to work. The leadership has gotten together numerous times to pray and talk about whether we should back out or keep going. And every time, the consensus has been to keep going. We have been through trial after trial. People have been laughing at us and calling us fools for continuing. But every time we got a new message from our Pastor about another road block, a smile would come to my face and i would wonder, "How will God work it out this time?" Because he always has. He has been providing for us since day one. When we were in Rob's basement having these intimate, honest, prayerful, tearful church services, God provided. He gave us strength to move forward when we had no idea what the next step was, or even what direction it was in. When we moved into the school building, he provided so we could pay rent and buy/borrow the stuff we needed, like chairs and sound equipment. He provided our amazing church body- faithful, committed, and willing servants to help out with whatever was necessary. And now, as we are attempting to move into this new phase of having our own place, He is providing still. Yes, we are out of money from paying double rent and purchasing things we need, we are worn out from working our bums off, we are anxious about whether or not this is ever going to work itself out, but through it all we have never given up because we are faithful that God will provide. So we move forward in faith, face down. Unsure what will come. Exactly the way we started.

The moment that Rob got the call from God to start this amazing church, Restored, he was sitting in a coffee shop at 21st & Amidon. And now we are trying to make that corner our meeting place, a neighborhood full of people needy for God's word, for love, for help. And from day one Satan has been trying to keep us out of there. We have had opportunities to back out, to bail, to give up. We are being opposed spiritually at every turn. But we are faithful. So, when I hear news that lawyers are already trying to evict us even before we move in, I laugh. Why is Satan trying so hard to keep us out of that neighborhood? Because he is scared. He knows we are a threat. God has big plans for us, and for that neighborhood. And we are moving forward. In faith. face down.

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