Monday, May 11, 2009

Life group BBQ!

There wasn't actually any barbecuing, but there was cooking on the stove, eating, and lots of playing. It was so fun!

Here, our photographer gets ready. "Dude, check this out!"
Zac impresses us with his eyelid flipping skills.
mwahahahaha! (that is the sound of evil laughter)
"oh man, that hurt."
I am watching the kiddos being crazy
Jeff is so cool, isnt he?
Me with my ladies: April, Sarah, and Heather.
And here are our feet.
Baby mechanics, Nancy and Shelby
cool color thingy
I love this one of Seth. It's very symmetrical.
Sarah on a little girl bike.
Heather on a little girl bike, and I'm not sure what Zac is doing.Me on a little girl bike.
Jeff, the human jungle gym.Funny picture of me and Nancy having a conversation.How cute is this girl?Shelby and the magic Spiral.
So cute!
The creator hard at work.

Me in The Spiral.
April in the Spiral (I love this one!! So cute!)
Kallie looks so pretty in The Spiral.
Tough Brendan in The Spiral
Andi and Jared being in love in The Spiral.
Yay! Kissing in The Spiral.
Contemplative Jeff in The Spiral.
Happy Sarah in The Spiral.
Sarah and I hanging out on The Spiral.
Sarah, I'm going to miss you.


xtimmyx said...

the spiral made me picture this cover right away

Aimless2u said...

Love the pictures AND the blog!! Beauuuuutiful pics!!