Sunday, March 29, 2009

kid update

we made chocolate chip cookies on saturday. Nancy Lu saw us making them, and of course, had her first bite of cookie. later on that afternoon, i was in the living room reading to the boys, and i heard Nancy walking around the kitchen. a few minutes later, she walked into the living room with a big cookie in each hand, and a big bite of cookie in her mouth. she had found a small plastic kid chair, dragged it into the kitchen, pushed it over to the counter, climbed up, and helped herself to the cookies. she is getting too smart for her own good.

and a few weeks ago, i changed her diaper, and she took the dirty one from me, walked into her bedroom and put it in the dirty diaper pail.

she can also put the top on a marker.

and while i am bragging, i might as well brag about Seth. we received a letter from his teacher recently that said Seth, who is in kindergarten, is moving up to the 1st grade reading block. he has started reading first grade books and doing first grade reading/writing homework. the note also said that he would start doing 2nd grade sight words, because he knows all the kindergarten and first grade sight words. a week later, i got a phone call from his teacher. seth knows all the 2nd grade sight words, and will start learning 3rd grade ones.

Brendan is still doing great in school. his favorite subject is social studies- he says he loves learning about people from history. his progress report said that he is really learning to control himself when he is bored. now, instead of disrupting the class when he is done with his own work, he will read to himself or help other students.

in other news, Jacob is starting school at Cloud today- the same school his brothers go to! he will finish out his pre-k year there, instead of at head start, where it wasn't really working out for him. this way, he will be more comfortable at Cloud, when kindergarten starts, and will hopefully not have many problems in his classroom.

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