Friday, September 26, 2008

6 month stats!

My life is not usually exciting enough for you to want to read about it unless there are pictures of Nancy to go along with it. But in the past couple of weeks Jared and I have been re-living our childless days (wait, did we ever have childless days?) by going to a couple concerts. We found out Jenny Lewis (lead singer of Rilo Kiley) was playing in Lawrence, so we bought tickets to that show. We haven't been to a concert in over a year, and we thought we deserved a little fun. So then, the day after we bought the tickets, we found out that the following week in Tulsa, Jenny Lewis was opening for none other than Conor Oberst (lead singer of bright eyes), who happens to be me and Jared's all time favorite musician. We knew it was probably not the most responsible thing to go to two concerts in two weeks, in towns that are 3 hours away from home, when we have a 6 month old baby and no money. But we decided to do it anyway. So, in a matter of two weeks, we left the baby with my mom twice, went to two out of town shows, returned home at 3 in the morning, and woke up at 6:30 like usual. We are tired and achy and broke, but, hey, the shows were amazing and worth it, and most likely it will be years before we go to another.

So now, the reason you are really see my beautiful daughter. There were way too many cute pics of her in her 6 month onesie, so sorry for the photo overload. She's just so stinking cute. Plus, check out her standing up while leaning against the back of the couch.

quite possibly the best photo of Nancy ever

fun with the mirror

siamese twin nancys

check out her adorable pajama's (and her adorable expression)

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