Friday, July 11, 2008

From the eyes of a child

I took Nancy to the doctor today, thinking she had a cold. It turns out, she is just teething, which is giving her a cough and a runny nose. So, good news- she's not sick. bad news- she's teething. This should be fun. Anyway, the real reason for this post is to showcase the fine photography skills of Brendan, Seth, and Jacob.
blurry Andi and nancy, by Jacob
happy nancy, by jacob
On Belle's level, by Brendan
Portrait of boy and car, by Seth
Close up, by Brendan
getting ready for dinner, by Brendan
Portrait of Belle, by Brendan
Portrait of Dale, our new roomate, by Jacob
Tony and Vivian, our neighbors, by Seth
Seth's feet and grass, by Seth
Seth's feet and tree, by Seth
Jared from the point of view of a short person, by Seth
Baby swing and blanket, by Jacob
laundry basket and baby toy, by jacob
Potato head spider man mask on wood floor, by Jacob

Self portrait, by Seth
Portrait of Nancy #1, by Jacob
Portrait of Nancy #2, by Jacob
Portrait of Nancy #3, by Jacob
Portrait of Andi, by Jacob
Portrait of Mama and baby, by Jacob

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Janelle said...

So Dale is staying with you now? When did this happen?