Tuesday, May 27, 2008

two months!

Nancy is two months now! I can't believe it. We went to the Doc today and got her stats. She's gained another two pounds and grew 1 1/2 inches. She's in the 95th percentile for both height and weight, so apparently she is well proportioned. She got three shots, which was pretty traumatic (for both baby and mama). Below are photos of the few minutes today that she wasn't either crying or sleeping. Notice in the second photo, she spit up on her new onesie.

see how she's grown: nancy as a newborn and at one month

Daddy is teaching Nancy to drink from a bottle. She doesn't love it, but I'm sure she will get the hang of it eventually so that Jared and I can go on a date alone! There is even talk of leaving her with Grandma Nancy over night so that we can go out of town. But I'm pretty sure I am not emotionally ready for that yet.

School has ended, which means my life is about to start being a million times busier than it has been- which is saying a lot. I am going to try to do a summer school thing again, like last summer, which should technically be a bit easier now that the kids are less wild, but throw in the new born baby, and that makes it a bit harder. So, I guess we will see.

Here is a photo of Brendan and Jacob enjoying their new bath toys, courtesy of my college friend Lisa Poblenz. She also made Nancy a sock monkey, which I love! Gwyneth, who is back in the states for the summer, from her new job in Uganda, sent Nancy a beautiful toy elephant. She doesn't like to play with toys much yet, but she stared at the patterns on the elephant for quite a while.

nancy with her new sock monkey, watching Mr. Caterpillar.


takinanap said...

Nancy is sooo lucky. Every beautiful baby deserves a sock monkey. Sweet!

Love the onesies with her updates. Hope you make them into a quilt or frame them someday.

lp said...

Wow. Just saw this (a little behind, huh?). So glad everyone liked their things. I hope you are all well. We're expecting #2!

Love you.