Friday, May 16, 2008

7 weeks

Nancy is seven weeks now, and she is super healthy. so healthy, in fact, that the other day a stranger was absolutely convinced she was 4 months old! She's starting to get a few rolls, but mostly she is just getting longer and longer.

Her sleep habbits are still amazing. She always sleeps through the night now (Praise the Lord!). She is also starting to be awake for much longer during the day, which is exciting (and exhausting). She loves to just sit and stare at everyone in the room. And she has been smiling like crazy. She smiles and tries really hard to laugh, especially when she gets passed around to all her cousins, grandmas, and church family that love to ooh and ahh at her. Her daddy is especially good at getting her to smile.

She is starting to notice toys, but, other than her little einstien caterpillar, she still doesn't care for them much. Here, she is discovering her mirror.

Nancy has already been to a bunch of Buffy nights (for those of you who don't know what this is, its a weekly get together with my cousins, Rachel, Leah, and Adam, and occasionally Ty and Brandy, where we play games or watch a show. We used to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (don't even make fun of us. if you think it's lame, its probably because you've never seen it), but now we've moved on to Heroes and Angel). Here's Nancy hanging out at Leah's house last Buffy night.

Nancy loves to be in the water. In addition to enjoying her baths, we have also been swimming at the Y twice, and she had a great time. For some reason I couldn't get those photos to upload, so check out those pics and more at our kodak gallery.

The puppers still don't take much notice of Nancy, other than sniffing her every once in a while, but Nancy and Belle had a cute little cuddle the other day.

She also likes to hang out in the nursery. She isnt very fond of tummy time, yet, but she loves sitting up in her awesome pink chair that Wendy gave me. She has a good view of her surroundings that way. Here, Jacob was reading to her. How cute are they?


Anita said...

Wow. She is doing SO well. Very healthy, Obviously you are awesome parents too!!

Wendy said...

she's getting so big! she's soooooo freaking cute. come to CT i want to see her again.

melissa said...

here's a story that will make it so you never have to defend buffy again: