Monday, April 28, 2008

one month!

Our first month with Nancy has been wonderful. Although I have had a few sleepless nights, I still am blessed with one of the best behaved babies ever (and also the most beautiful). Now she looks almost exactly like Jared, but with my eyes.

See how she's grown:

Here's daddy having a talk with Nancy

This is the first time she showed any interest in her little einstein caterpillar

baby and mama getting ready for church

The boys just adore little Nancy. Jacob is especially helpful. He always wants to get her diapers and clothes for me, and he's even learning to put diapers on her by himself. Here is Jacob and Nancy taking a nap together.

This is just an especially cute photo.

We had her one-month doctor appointment, and doc says she is super healthy. She is eating and sleeping well, gaining weight, and not having any real problems. She has a pretty chill personality so far (hopefully she will stay that way all through her teens). She loves to sit around in her vibrating bouncy chair and listen to mommy read Lord of the Rings out loud. We've also discovered recently that she likes taking walks in the front carrier better than in the stroller. There is probably a lot more I could say, but, as I have a new born (and three other kids), this is all the time I can spare on the computer: I'm needed elsewhere.


Lisa said...

So big already! And so beautiful! Doesn't the time whiz by? Thanks for the update!

Sarah said...

yay! she's wearing the outfit and the socks in these pics! and i thought they wouldn't fit her for a few more months....