Saturday, March 8, 2008

Still prego

The baby is still warm and comfy in my belly, not ready to come out and face the cold Winter. She's apparently waiting until Spring. I don't blame her, although I wish she would buck up and come out already.

I built the crib today, so I am feeling a bit accomplished. The nursery is almost ready and I will get some photos of it up soon.

Big news: Harry & Angel bought a house and are all moved in about a mile away from us! A bunch of friends from Restored came and helped out today. Obviously, I stayed home with the kids because the simplest movements, like getting out of bed or getting off the couch, completely exhaust me. I think I will be sitting on my couch until little Nancy decides to join us, because growing her is about all the work I can handle right now. So, now that Angel & Harry are in a much bigger place, they will start taking the kids a bit more, probably for the whole weekends, which will be a nice break for Jared and I, but my heart is a little sad to be letting them go. I'm sure once the baby comes, however, I will be EXTREMELY grateful for the occasionally quiet & calm house. I was wondering how a baby would ever get any sleep with three crazy boys stomping and yelling all over the house constantly. I guess God knows what he is doing, as usual.


bzmom said...

Wow - almost baby time!!! I'm anxiously waiting for that all-important phone call that we have a new niece coming :) I saw you listed "Brandy & Steve Praise Music" - my first fan! LOL!! Well, maybe 2nd - Ty probably holds 1st place.

Lisa said...

I can't believe you put a crib together! Are you nuts? Wow. Yeah, you can definately handle natural childbirth!